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Catch Our Waves.

The Band

"Whether you're looking for a traditional Surf show with songs of surfing, cars and girls, or a hard-hitting true 1960's Surf rock concert for your car show or themed event, this band will energize and uplift your guests."


S.Zwack, East vs. West Surf Review

Chuck Hickin

Lead guitarist in the Twang Twisters, started his music career as a little boy playing his Teisco electric guitar to The Ventures instructional record "How To Play Electric Guitar". One of the founding members of the Twang Twisters, Chuck is a well known Surf rock guitarist, piano and guitar technician in New York's Southern Tier. When not working with music you will always find Chuck with his family sailing, surfing or doing any activity near or in the water.

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Randy Langille photo
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Randy Langille

Entered the music industry as a recording engineer in the 1980's. Born in Orange County, California and then growing up on the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada, surf rock music was a natural fit. Randy is a graduate of the Audio Recording Technology Institute of Orlando, Florida and plays the guitar and bass guitar in the Twang Twisters.

Andy (A.J.) Shuren

Both a founding, and the newest, member of the Twang Twisters, Andy's musical journey began many...many waves ago.  After leaving radio behind for live audiences, he played "Stand-Up Acoustic" (a mix of comedy, storytelling, and acoustic guitar).   As the co-founder of NEPA's "Noisy Neighbors" band, he added bass and keys, with backing vocals to his arsenal.  And then in "New Law" moved to full-time bass!  Not long after helping launch "The Twisters" into the curl, he felt it was time to spend awhile lounging on the beach, Now! Rested,  he's ready to ride the waves again.  Welcome back a.j.!


Moses Valle drums photo
What is Surf Music?

Came to the Twang Twisters as the youngest member. Moses is a local Binghamton power rock drummer, influenced by Rush, The Doors, KISS and The Eagles and just so happened to be a surf rock maniac. Moses is debuting in his professional music career as the Twang Twisters drummer.


Moses Valle drums photo
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